Beauty Care for Women Over 50

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A woman’s body changes at different times in life, but when you approach the age of 50, you can expect those changes to be even more dramatic. While dealing with the differences in how you look and feel may not be easy, there are things you can do to maintain your health and beauty, no matter how hard Father Time pushes. Here’s how to stay beautiful and feel stronger over 50, giving you reasons to love life more than ever, rather than dread the passing years.

Get A Grip On Stress

Nothing will age you, mind, body and soul, faster than leading a stressful life with no way to release that tension. Stress actually accumulates in you, slowly poisoning every system in your body. The first step is to recognize the stress in your life and where it’s coming from; the next step is to learn to take control over it, either through something like mindful living or guided meditation. Keep positive people around you, too, and avoid the mean, toxic ones that make life unbearable.

Give Up Harmful Vices

If you smoke or drink too much, you’re pounding your body in a manner that will have you looking and feeling old beyond your years. Both vices can cut years off your life and drastically lower the quality of it. Get help cutting down or quitting completely if you have to, but do whatever it takes to get harmful vices under control right now, as 50 is a more vulnerable stage for your body.

Add More Water To Your Life

Your skin, other organs, digestive system and overall functioning are all greatly enhanced by adequate hydration, but unfortunately, if you’re like most people, you simply don’t get enough water everyday. We grab coffee on the go and other beverages that fill us up with more things we don’t need and nothing really beneficial. Caffeine, for example, actually robs your body of hydration because it’s a diuretic. Certainly, you’re not reaching for soda when you feel thirsty, as it contains more sugar than your body can process! Make water a regular part of your life and you’ll look and feel better for it in many ways.

Exercise In Moderation Each Day

Beyond the weigh maintenance, regular exercise will keep you flexible, toned and less likely to develop chronic pain conditions such as arthritis. Being idle and/or sitting all day is now considered as unhealthy for you as smoking cigarettes, due to the fact that it stagnates your blood flow, creates joint issues and may even damage your intestinal tract. Keep your body in motion as a habit throughout the day, and be sure to get a walk or two in sometime before the sun sets. It can take years off your looks and will keep you feeling stronger and healthier.

Exfoliate At Least Once A Week

Your skin is going through a lot of changes, too, and needs extra care now more than ever. Exfoliating is highly recommended by skin care experts and will leave you with a soft, healthy glow. Exfoliating removes old skin, oil, dirt and makeup, along with other things that don’t belong on your face. Exfoliation also rejuvenates like nothing else.

Change Your Moisturizer

The moisturizer you might have used all your life may no longer be as effective, due to the changes in your skin’s elasticity and firmness. You don’t want any kind of remnants of lotion on your face, as that will weigh it down – quite literally. Find a light, effective moisturizer that absorbs quickly; preferably one with a built-in SPF factor, as sun protection should also now be higher on your list of skin care priorities than ever before.

Eat To Maintain Health And Weight

Your diet should consist of a variety of healthy elements, many of which are good for your skin, eyes, hair and nails. The better you eat, the more beautiful you will be in so many ways, including being more successful at weight management. After 50, you won’t metabolize food as efficiently and therefore, need to be more careful of what you eat. From the inside out, your health and well being will radiate when you’re getting all the nutrients you need, without the excess sugar, sodium and processed chemicals.

Highlight Your Hair, Instead Of Coloring

Even if you’re highlighted your whole life, when you reach the age of 50 or so, doing so may simply be too harsh. Ask your stylist about highlighting, which is less damaging to hair, easier to maintain and a much softer look when you’re out of your 40s. Also, if your hair is starting to thin, consider getting a shorter, blunter cut, which will afford the appearance of thicker, fuller hair.

Have Your Teeth Whitened

Few things age your whole face the way dingy, discolored teeth do. Even someone 30 or so will look 40 something and beyond when their teeth aren’t white. Coffee, wine and other indulgences, as well as the mere act of time passing itself can add to the stains on teeth that age you; ask your dentist about a quick, painless and relatively inexpensive process that can remove years of discoloration from your teeth, leaving you looking younger, healthier and more beautiful. Teeth are too important to overlook at any age, even more so over 50.

Use Cosmetics In A New Way

The techniques you’ve been using with makeup may no longer be the most attractive for you; however, since you’re so accustomed to using them, you may not notice! Ask a friend or specialist about using makeup in a way targeted to your age group, hairstyle, skin type and more. You’ll likely find the customization of cosmetic techniques very complementary.

Treat Yourself To Daily Meditation

Life can be complicated at any age, but reaching the 50 year mark is an amazing milestone and should be recognized as such. You’re older, wiser and in the position to have control over most everything in life, from romance to finance. Empower yourself further through daily meditation. Meditation can really help you focus, understand and navigate life with greater strength and agility. You owe it to yourself to take a few minutes each day to rev up, from the inside out. Meditation is also very healthy for your complexion, as well as your immune system.

Get Regular Massages!

A massage has many serious, clinical benefits, but let’s face it: A massage is a sensational experience and everyone deserves to have them at least once in a while. Enjoy the relaxation, muscle tension relief and let go of even more stress, by treating yourself to regular massages. Ask your physician if you doubt the health benefits, but don’t overlook the sheer joy that comes with a professional, deep-tissue massage. They’re an incredible way to start your workweek or end your weekend.

The age of 50 should be a very positive milestone in your life, lending more strength, wisdom and beauty to your essence. If you accept the changes you’re going through and learn to adapt to them, you’ll experience a whole new level in life – one that sees you looking and feeling better, with more reasons to love life than ever before.